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Antediluvian Steampunk: A retro-futurfantasic genre that synthesizes Literary/Biblical Fiction with traditional Science Fiction/Steampunk.

The Dragoneers

Sunday School Meets Mad Max

Meet Susah, a talented young woman, who refuses to join her three brothers in helping her father advance the family business. She wants to do something exciting with her life. While this story could have been set in any time, the fantastical world she lives in amplifies each step nearly beyond the bounds of imagination. Against her parents' wishes, Susah leaves home on a quest to become one of the dragoneers, an elite fraternity of warriors sworn to defend the ancient garden of Eden against all trespassers. This adventure builds on the little we know about the antediluvian world and overlays it with a blend of technology, supernatural powers, fire-and-ice-breathing, flying dragons, giants, and martial arts to begin Susah's adventure to discover herself. Climb aboard and hang on for the ride of your life.

The Last Dragoneer

The Land of Oz meets the Book of Genesis

Expands and deepens the antediluvian world set up by The Dragoneers. Sutherland adds layers of political intrigue and malevolent machinations that dash Susah's hopes for a straight shot to glory and the history books. While she may be the most talented young dragoneer ever, she discovers that raw ability does not make a career. Action and combat, fantastic technology, and intriguing spiritual possibilities abound, but Susah's humanity and happiness are the real quest. This is a coming of age story wrapped in an epic adventure inside the antediluvian age.

The Last Dragoneer

Out-of-this-world, Earth-shattering adventure

Susah faces her greatest challenges. Separated from all she has known, she has to deal with the advanced technology of the Cainites, the presence of myriad fallen angels, and eventually coming face to face with the one called Satan. Susah's devotion to duty is shaken when she meets a man unlike any she has ever known. Meanwhile, political upheaval in Sethica threatens to replace the pillars of a free society with a totalitarian oligarchy. All of this happens in the shadow of her father's prophecy of an impending flood. Sure to wash away your preconceptions about the Antediluvian Age; you’ve never read anything like it. Discover for yourself--is this the end, or a new beginning?

Pop, Death, and the Devil


C.D. Sutherland chronicles the adventrues of a retired bomber pilot turned novelist, named Chandler Stud, after he is brushed by Death. This real-life-inspired, Science Fiction adventure is the rest of the story, which was partially presented in the Christian Fiction anthology Second Changes. You've never read anything like this. 

Narrow Way Press Books

Christian Fiction

Celebrating The Short Story

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The seven short stories contained in Celebrating the Short Story are as diverse in technique and theme as one could hope for. Nevertheless, they are united in the fact that they are each in and of themselves short stories.

Over the Moon Travel Treasures

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The seven short stories contained in Over the Moon Travel Treasures are as diverse in technique and theme as one could hope for; nevertheless, they are united in the fact that travel is a common element, along with the appearance of something to do with the Moon because this book is dedicated to those brave travelers of Apollo 11, who flew to the Moon fifty years ago. Look for those in these stories.

2020 Vision

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The seven short stories contained in 2020 Vision are as diverse in technique and theme as our previous years’ writings; nevertheless, they are united in the fact that a mention of the eyes is a common element. We invite you to take notice of the techniques used by this array of talented authors to weave those eyes-related appearances into their stories.

Coming of Age

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The ten short stories will take you to places you have never been. When you return from these experiences, chances are some will have left you wanting for more. If so, then check out that story’s author page in the back of the book. They might have something else you’ll like. We believe you’ll be glad you did.

Christmas Candy Cane

Children's Christian Comic

This children's picture book follows a happy boy named Asher as he searches for something to remind people Christmas is supposed to be about Jesus. Before the story ends, the symbolism of the Christmas candy cane becomes all too obvious.

Crying Steve

Children's Christian Comic

This children's picture book is about Steve. He cries because he lost something. Can you figure out what he's lost? Can you help him find it? Could Steve help himself by looking for it, instead of crying so much?


Anticipating Disability


Reference Booklet


This booklet is intended primarily for people are gainfully employed and functioning relatively-well but have been diagnosed with a progressive medical condition. If this describes you, then spending a little time now to understand your financial safety nets can help you avoid major challenges in the future.

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