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ACFW Louisiana Chapter's 9th Annual Aspiring Writers Workshop

27 April 2024

ACFW Louisiana Chapter's 9th Annual Aspiring Writers Workshop

For writers at any stage of their writing journey.

Expert instruction & guided exercises on the craft of writing fiction.


Saturday, April 27, 2024, 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM

Registration 8:30 to 9:00 - Please bring a sack lunch


A panel of multi-published local authors will share their knowledge, techniques, tips, and procedures for writing great stories, from short stories to novels. The workshop will guide all attendees as they write their own original stories.


Time Passage Vol I ebook edition is available here:

Time Passage Vol II ebook edition is available here:


Having read these stories before the Workshop will prepare you for asking the authors any questions you might have about writing fiction.


How to Craft Interesting Characters, an instructional guide for aspiring writers, is available here:



No purchase is required to attend and participate in the workshop. You'll also have a custom name tag when you arrive at the Registration Table. You'll also get notifications of monthly free professional development sessions and the annual wholesome book fair.


Both Volumes of Time Passages ebook editions will be heavily discounted during a Kindle Countdown deal from March 26 until April 2. The best deal is during the first couple of days. If you enjoy ebooks, don't miss this deal. For those interested in the UK, the books will have a similar offer for seven days after the event. 


For more information, email


To pre-register, please send the following information to






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If not already, are you interested in becoming an ACFW member?  Yes.  No


Are you a published author?  Yes  No  If Yes, Fiction  Non-Fiction 


If published, are you  Traditionally Published  Independently Published  Self-published


How did you hear about this workshop?  a. Newspaper  b. Signboard    c. Flyer 

 d. Narrow Way Press  e. FaceBook  f. BookBub  g. TruthSocial   h. Other: _______________




Barksdale Baptist Church

1714 Jimmie Davis Hwy. Bossier City, LA 71112



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