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C.D. Sutherland

B-52 Pilot turned Novelist

The Dragoneers

The Lost Dragoneer

The Last Dragoneer

Celebrating the Short Story (Roll Call)

Over the Moon Travel Treasures (Uncle Chuck's Fantastic Story)

2020 Vision (I Can See Clearly)

Coming of Age (Nowhere Near Heaven)

Christmas Candy Cane

The Universal Formula for Successful Deterrence



Judy Burford

Author, ACFW Louisiana Charter Member, past President, Vice-President, Secretary, Gardener, Dairy and Beef Farmer, and World Traveler

A Special Touch of Grace

Celebrating the Short Story (The Theft)

Over the Moon Travel Treasures (New Things)

2020 Vision (The Trunk)

Coming of Age (Step In)


Wanda Bush

Award-Winning Author, Blogger, Life-Long Writer, and Lover of theology, gardening, and walking in the woodlands

Over the Moon Travel Treasures (Hurricane Heist)

2020 Vision (One Rock)

Seat 2F


Mary Lou Cheatham

Author, Poet, Life-Long Learner, Teacher, Nurse, Blogger, Lauded by Kirkus

Secret Promise

The Courtship of Miss Loretta Larson

The Dream Bucket

Manuela Blayne

Travelers in Painted Wagons on Cohay Creek (with Sarah Walker Gorrell)

House of Seven

Letter from Belleau Wood

Abi of Cyrene

As Doves Fly in the Wind

Deep from the Heart

Courage Is a Redhead

Lena’s Hope

Bubba, the Firedog

Seth. the Shepard Boy

Brother Star, Sister Moon

Coming of Age (Rhonda)




Donna M. Copeland

International Author, Life-Long Writer, Oil & Gas Production Analyst, Voracious Reader, Mother, Grandmother, and New Orleans Saints & LSU Tigers Fan

Over the Moon Travel Treasures (Unspoken)

2020 Vision (Secrets)

Coming of Age (Intentions)

Daddy God

Beverly Flanders

Author, ACFW Louisiana Secretary, Poet, Mother, Grandmother, and Sunday School Teacher

Celebrating the Short Story (The Stroke of Christmas)

Over the Moon Travel Treasures (The Scar of Dementia)

2020 Vision (A Charmed Life)

Coming of Age (The Assignment)


Susan Hiers Foster

Author, Army Wife, Newspaper Professional, Editor, Food Pantry Director, Community Volunteer, and ACFW Louisiana Vice-President

Because God Tells Me So

2020 Vision (And No More Goodbyes)

Coming of Age (Tougher)

Leaping Over Walls

Marguerite Martin Gray

Author, Avid Traveler and Reader, Spanish and French Teacher, Journalist, Historian, and active in many writing and historical organizations

Revolutionary Faith Series

Hold Me Close (Book One)

Surround Me (Book Two) 

Bring Me Near (Book Three) 

Draw Me to Your Side (Book Four)

Wait for Me (Book Five-the finale)

Coming of Age (A Promise Shared)

Carole Lehr Johnson

Author, Travel Consultant, Genealogist, ACFW Louisiana President, World Traveler, and Anglophile

Celebrating the Short Story (Edge of the Sea)

Who I Want to Be

Over the Moon Travel Treasures (A Rose in Time)

Edge of the Sea

2020 Vision (A Shift in Time)

Coming of Age (Defiant Devotion)

Permelia Cottage

Tammy Kirby

Internationally Published Author and Emergency Room Nurse

His Grace Forgiven (Haven House Book One)

Joy to the Earl (Haven House Book Two)

Vengeance is Mine Saith Mi’Lord (Haven House Book Three)

Saving the McKinnon

Celebrating the Short Story (Saving the McKinnon)

Over the Moon Travel Treasures (Crowns of Destiny)

Coming of Age (His Grace Forsaken)



Eileen K. Copeland

Author, Blogger, Wife, Mother, and a grateful Christ-follower

Celebrating the Short Story (A Christmas Feral) (A Dream of Snow)


Thomas Stewart: Anticipating Disability

Malachi Pauly: Crying Steve

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